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Below are our Terms of Sale. Please read our Terms of Sale carefully before you access the site or make any purchase. LilleBite, LLC shall not be held responsible for any claims that arise due to a lack of understanding of our terms of sale. If you have any questions about our terms, please email us at prior to placing any orders. Please note that by placing an order through any of our Sites, you agree to our Terms of Sale.

Products and Pricing:

We aim for consistency in our products and prices. However, we may from time to time decide to change product prices or discontinue or change products. When any of this happens, we will do our best to inform you prior to making any changes. However, we may change, remove, modify, suspend or discontinue the price or production of any product at any time with or without notice.

User Registration and Information:

When you register an account with us to place an order, please make sure that all information is provided correctly. It is your responsibility to accurately enter all details during the registration of your account. We are not responsible for any damages resulting from wrongful data entry, this includes but is not limited to Name, Address, email, Phone Number, Delivery Instructions, and Product Selection. It is up to you to provide the right details so that we can swiftly deliver the delicacies to you without glitches. We need your active email address to confirm your online order and we need your phone number to update you with tracking and delivery details. We will mostly communicate through WhatsApp, but might also follow up with a clarification call. If for example, our driver cannot find your location. Unless you register your information with us and agree to our terms, we will not keep your personal information. If you do register and create an account, you agree to our terms and conditions and we will store your personal data. We store your data so that upon your return, you don’t have to re-type your address etc. into your order. Your data is protected and we don’t sell user data.

Order Acceptance:

Any order you place with us is subject to our acceptance and our delivery guidelines. We strive to meet your orders, however, we reserve the right to cancel any order (full or partial), with or without reason any time before delivery. This may happen despite you receiving an order confirmation. Once you place your order with us, you will receive a message via email or WhatsApp or a phone call, confirming your order acceptance and an estimated delivery time. Your order is not confirmed until you receive the product. Instances that can lead to a canceled order include but are not limited to overload in orders during a specific time, sell out of a product, force majeure such as an accident. Please understand that many of our orders are customized and that you have to provide accurate information about the recipient name and shipping address. We are not responsible or legally liable for delivery of products to the wrong address if the address you provided is not traceable or inaccurate.

Part / Full Cancellation of a Purchase Order:

We make every effort to provide accurate pricing information on the Sites, however, there could be instances where information on product or pricing may have been entered incorrectly. Errors may happen due to typing errors or other human errors. While in most cases we will try to fulfill an order despite wrong pricing, we reserve the right to refuse it at any time. In the event that we cancel a pre-paid order, we will return the full payment amount back to your account through the respective payment mode. If we cancel all or part of your order, the amount equivalent to the cancelled order will be credited to your account or credit card or debit card through which the payment was made. We do not impose any charge on your credit or debit card or bank for cancellation of order. You have the right to cancel your order at any time. However, we cannot refund any canceled orders.

Duplicate Orders:
Duplicate orders, especially when placed online can happen to the best of us. Please let us know as soon as you are aware of it. We will provide the full refund of the amount on the duplicate order as long as the order is not prepared or ready for dispatch. Please be aware that our order confirmations are automatically generated and we do not track or flag identical orders. The responsibility of informing us of a duplicate order is yours. Once the order is prepared and ready for dispatch, we can no longer refund a duplicate order.

Fraudulent Orders:
If an order is deemed suspicious of any activity, we have the right to cancel the existing, pending, and future orders without any liability. We shall not be held liable for cancellation of any suspicious order placed and paid using any gift vouchers or promotional vouchers.